Friday, August 31, 2012


How do you split stacks?
Hold down alt and drag.

Does your choice of order matter from a gameplay perspective?
Besides the fact that your quests are different, the in game change is negligible.  You have access to a different Order armor set but it's not likely that you'll wear it anyway.

Is "soulbound" character or account bound?
Soulbound is character bound.  You can move a soulbound item from a character to the bank, but NOT to another character (even to their inventory).

If an item I have has an upgrade, does the stats of the item take that into account?
No.  For example, let's say your item has +10 power and +10 vitality.  It has a gem inserted that gives it +5 power, +5 precision.  The item will look like this:

Powerful Pants of Pounding
+10 power
+10 Vitality
Inserted: Fancy gem
+5 Power
+5 Precision

Your total stat gain from the item is +15 power, +10 vitality and +5 precision.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Metrica Province POIs, Skill Points and Vistas

Skill point at Luminates Plant: Super easy to get to.  Northwest of the skill point is a hole in the ground- drop down and walk down the tunnel to the point (commune type).  Level 13 veteran air elemental guarding it.

Vista in Wildflame Caverns: This is easily reachable once in the cavern.  Cave entrance is NE of the vista, in the SE corner of Soren Draa.

Vista west of the Hinterlabs: The upside down "V" arch that forms the front of the building is climbable from the sides.  Climb that, jump on a couple platforms and you're there.

Vista at Desider Atum: There are floating steps near the vista (don't bother trying to climb the arches, it's a red herring).  The floating steps are just east of the south side of the arch, against a wall next to a translucent flower.

Vista at Sunshade Caverns (east side of the map): You reach it through a cave system.  The cave entrance is to the west of the Vista.  There's both a North (in Akk Wilds) and a South (near Jeztar falls) opening to it.

Vista south of Muridian Uplands: You will see a few floating carpets over the area.  There's some ledges to the right that you can jump on to get onto the carpets.  Keep climbing and you'll reach the vista.

Rich Copper Vein: This one is complicated to get to.  If you follow the east cliff wall going north from Akk Wilds, you will come across a tunnel opening.  The opening is a little north of the skill point in the area.  Head into it and you will see a bunch of floating ledges that you can use to get up, which will bring you to the rich vein.

If you keep following that path, which has more jumps, you will find a portal that will lead you to Hexane Regrade, a group of floating islands in the sky over Metrica Province.  This is a hidden jump puzzle area that's pretty difficult and deserves it's own section.

Hexane Regrade explanation:

There are four stages- wind, lightning, ice, and a boss stage.  Each stage has its own theme of hazards.

On every stage there are two paths.  One path leads to "attunement", the other leads to the end of the level.  YOU CANNOT COMPLETE THE LEVEL WITHOUT ATTUNING.  Attuning requires you to find the attuning device (on the "alternate" path in the level), click on it, walk through the portal adjacent to it (which will reset you about halfway through the level) and then go through the other, "normal" portal.

Once you attune, you keep it for the next 20 minutes for that level only.  For example, you could attune on the "windy" level, then take the other branch directly to the finish and skip the attuning process.  Once you reach the next level, you will need to do the attunement for that level.

Here's a youtube vid (not made by me) with a video solution.

General hints:

  • If you fall, you will usually reset at a golem which can warp you directly back to the start of whatever level you were working on.  Remember that attunement lasts 20 minutes, so you don't need to keep grabbing attunement over and over again.
  • Sometimes you will fall and die.  This sucks.  You'll have to climb back up.
  • On that note, DO NOT DIE.  If you are fighting a mob and it looks like you won't win, just jump off.  Dying will force you to use the waypoint on the surface, which will take much longer to recover from.
  • The mobs are all level 13 and some of them practically must be killed to advance.  I did this at level 11 and was always a shred of health from dying.  This makes it a lot harder.  I would not suggest doing what I did.  14 is the level cap for the area, and I'd suggest being at or above 14.
  • The final boss is pretty difficult- attempting him solo would be very hard.   With me and another 14 we barely got him (both were in survival status when he died).  However, the boss stage is short, so you can always try it, realize you can't do it without help, and come back later without having wasted a lot of time.
  • Movement improving abilities can help you make some of the jumps easier.  Also, IMMUNITY abilities can be very useful as well.  The elementalist class has an earth focus spell that gives them 4 seconds of invulnerability, allowing them to run through the lightning strikes and some of the mobs.
  • Be patient.  Don't rush a jump or try to get more than you safely can at a time just because you're impatient.  Retrying the level takes a lot more time than waiting a few seconds for your speed boost to cooldown.
  • Remember to talk to the golem before you go through the final portal, so that it will register your stage completion.
  • The rewards for completing all the stages are the xp, karma and cash for the boss dynamic event, a splendid chest, and an achievement.
  • If you get the message "Error: attunement improperly aligned" that means that you did not first attune before going through the final portal.  Do it again, but make sure to attune first.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lion's Arch POIs, Skill Points and Vistas

POI NW of Eastern Ward: This one is in the sewers.  Find the sewer entrance slightly south of the bank building (from the Trader's Forum waypoint, follow the canal east and the sewer entrance will be to the north).  Then it's an easy walk to the POI.

Vista west of Western Ward (east of the Western Ward waypoint): Much easier than it looks.  Go up to the house and to the back of it, right on the cliffs facing the water.  On your left will be some rocks leading upwards.  Do a curved jump to the left to get on them, and then just climb the house.

Vista in the Trader's Forum, directly over the gate (just North of the "u" in Forum): There's a stair leading up to the top southwest of the vista.

Visa in the Trader's Forum, west of the bank:  This one is WAY high up, but it's easy to get.  From the Grand Piazza, take the N/NE road (the one that goes up a high bridge, and also leads to the Crow's Nest Tavern).  Follow that road all the way to the end, when it winds to the left.  Below you you will see a wooden walkway.  Drop onto that and walk to the vista.

Sharkmaw Caverns Vista (SE part of the map):  This one is easy to get to but you need to go through a couple tunnels that are not visually obvious.  It starts from the windmill south of the Farshore waypoint.  Video to do it is here (I didn't make it).  Also, it's the beginning of a pretty intense jumping puzzle/hidden area.  The reward at the end is just a chest and achievement points, but honestly the experience itself makes it worth doing.

Vista directly east of Grand Piazza:  This one is a little silly.  Go to the same boat as the one that the vista is on.  Go through it as if you're continuing to go west.  Right before you leave the boat, follow the railing and go around the "back" (north side) of the boat.  You'll see a little gap.  Jump the gap and you're there.

Vista directly south of the Eastern Ward waypoint: There's an NPC right next to the jump point.  Talk to him and he'll give you a piece of equipment that will get you there (you can't jump it yourself).

Kessex Hills POIs, Skill Points and Vistas

POI in Viathan Lake: Reachable via an underwater cave.  Cave entrance is North and slightly to the west of the POI.

POI on the lake island, NW of Viathan's Arm: There's a tunnel that runs northeast to it.  The entrance is pretty far away, it's underwater slightly to the west of the "Help Matlal collect truffles for her starving tribe" heart.

POI west of Darkwound Defile: underground in a cave.  Reachablel via the entrance to the west of the road along the Darkwound Defile road, just east of the POI.

POI southeast of Dominion Killing Zone:  Underground.  Enter from directly north of it into the caves and walk to the POI.

Skill point east of Viathan Lake: Unlike most everything else around here, this one is actually ABOVE ground.  Just get on top of the caves (entrance to the west of "Eukaryan Caves" or to the south) and walk to the point.

Skill point on the east side of the map (east of Delanian Foothills): It's in Draithor's Demenses, a cave system.  Entrance is the west/northwest of the skill point, in the swamp.  Veteran wurm guarding the item, which is a click + consume skill point.

Vista north of Giant's Passage: Enter through the caves to the east of the vista.  In the middle of the caves is a ramp that splits off towards the Vista.

Vista north of Cereboth Canyon: It's halfway down the waterfall.  You have to jump down from the top of the waterfall, from the south.

Vista in Wizard's Fief:  halfway down the cliffs.  You have to drop down from the west (Isgarren's View POI is along the path).  Also a bunch of strawberry patches up here.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wayfarer Foothills POIs, Skill Points and Vistas

Vista east of Snowlord's Gate: climb up the road to the east to the Raven sanctuary, and use that to jump onto the back of the building.  Climb up some planks to the top.

Missing a Vista?  There's one in the tunnels of Molensk, which isn't visible from the normal map.  The entrance to the tunnels is west of Outcast's Waypoint, and the Vista is at the end of the tunnel (visible once you head inside).

Missing some POIs?  Check around the edges of the area.  You have to be somewhat zoomed in order to see some of the POIs in tunnels.  Specifically, there's a POI on the east side of the map called Grekvelnn Burrows, and another to the south of Outcast's Cleft (which is on the southern part of the map as well).

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Snowden Drifts POIs, Skill Points and Vistas

Skill point in the NW part of Darkhoof Heights:  There is a cave entrance directly to the south of it.  Go in the cave, and climb up some ledges along the side to enter a tunnel.  There is a fairly difficult event that activates inside- I wouldn't advise trying with fewer than 3 people.  The skill point itself is just a commune.

POI east of Snowdrift waypoint: Tunnel underwater leading to it.  The tunnel starts from the south lake and runs directly north.

POI north of Valslake Waypoint: There's a cave entrance to the west of it.  It's in there with some trash mobs, a veteran mob, and a silver vein.

Vista east of Skradden Waypoint: on the east side of the building are several log stumps.  Use them to jump onto the cliff face, walk up, then go around the back of the building.

Missing a Vista?  It's probably the one in King Jalis's Refuge.  There is no scout that reveals it and it's indoors so you can't see it until you enter the cave.  The cave entrance is located along the east wall, just north of the Drakentelt POI (which is in the east Villmark Foothills).

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Black Citadel POIs, Skill Points and Vistas

POI just north of Bane Waypoint: It's in the Ash Tribune Headquarters.  Go to the Imperator's Waypoint, head north, and then take a left and enter the Ash Tribune instance.

How to get into Hero's Canton?  The instance entrance is NW of the Mustering Ground waypoint.

Diessa Plateau POIs, Skill Points and Vistas

POI east of Breachwater Lake: swim underwater through a tunnel hidden by seaweed.  The tunnel runs west-east in the water to the west of the POI.

Vista on Moorwatch Tower: southeast of the tower is a small camp (no waypoint) with a cattlepault.  Jump in and it launches you to the vista.

Skill Point north of Manbane's Waypoint: To the NW of the waypoint, there is a cave that leads into the Spider Nest cavern.  At the end if a trainer who gives you a piece of meat to consume for the point.

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