Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wayfarer Foothills POIs, Skill Points and Vistas

Vista east of Snowlord's Gate: climb up the road to the east to the Raven sanctuary, and use that to jump onto the back of the building.  Climb up some planks to the top.

Missing a Vista?  There's one in the tunnels of Molensk, which isn't visible from the normal map.  The entrance to the tunnels is west of Outcast's Waypoint, and the Vista is at the end of the tunnel (visible once you head inside).

Missing some POIs?  Check around the edges of the area.  You have to be somewhat zoomed in order to see some of the POIs in tunnels.  Specifically, there's a POI on the east side of the map called Grekvelnn Burrows, and another to the south of Outcast's Cleft (which is on the southern part of the map as well).

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