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Dredgehaunt Cliffs POIs, Skill Points and Vistas

POI behind the door in Dostoev Sky Peak ("Tomb of Stoneskin"): You need an item, "Dwarven Key", to open the door.  Only way to get it is as a random drop off a mob (any mob, as far as I know, but possibly dredge).  You can also wait for someone else to come by and open it (it stays open for some time).  Inside you get the POI and one chest.

Skill point and POI SW of Steelbrachen: These are both in Dissun's Mine.  You can enter the mine through the north entrance (just SW of the "Steelbrachen" title), which will have skritt in front of it as a hint.

Vista in Toran Hollow: Climb the rocks a little south of the Toran Hollow waypoint that lead to the larger level above you.  Follow that to the vista.

Vista west of Snowslide Ravine: Climb on top of the roof of the lodge to the east.  You can use that to access the same level as the vista.

Vista in Dostoev Sky Peak caves: This one is a pain to get to, and I would not suggest trying it solo if you can help it (pair up with someone else in the area if you need to).  The vista is on a platform near the ceiling.  To start, enter a small cave on the bottom floor of the main chamber.  The cave is in the SE part of the chamber, and slopes upwards in a circle to a platform.  There should be a tower in front of you- climb that.  About halfway up the tower, there will be a locked gate- ignore it for now.  Keep going up the tower to find an iron chain at the end.  Pull that and run back down to the gate, which will be open for a short period.  The timer isn't THAT short- if you run at normal speed you should make it back with time to spare, but I would definitely not suggest stopping to fight any dredges.  Once you're through the gate just keep climbing until you reach the vista.  There is also a "dredge chest" at the vista (same as a normal chest).  Note that there are MANY dredge along this path and unless you have a very good running/protection/healing build it's extremely unlikely you'll be able to run through them all.  Additionally, there is a veteran dredge at the vista itself on patrol, and you can't use a vista while in combat, so your best bet is to just clear the dredge as you climb.  Respawn rates are fairly fast (at most 90 seconds) so be quick about it.

Vista east of Frostland Melt (in the castle): Go up the ramp inside the castle (south side) and when it comes up to the area east of the Vista, jump to the west and onto the platform that has the vista on it.  May need a speed boost to make the jump.

Vista in Dociu Excavation (south of Black Earth Coalmine): go through the back path of the castle east of Frostland Melt (to the west of the Vista).  This will lead you up behind the vista.  Go across the bridge onto some large tanks, then walk over to the vista.

Vista SW of Tribulation Rift:  This is a long one to get to.  There is a dynamic event at the end with a special veteran mob, so I would not do this solo unless you're at least 51 (leve cap for the area) or have a good solo build.  Start climbing the wooden plank tower NE of the vista.  It's in the "ula" in "Tribulation".   Climb ALL THE WAY to the top- don't stop short no matter how tempting it looks.  Some of the jumps are a little tricky, but they're all essentially jump curves to the left to make it to the next plank.  Trust me, all of them are doable.  At the VERY top (again, do not stop short) is a beam that walks you NW and over to the cliff face.  There are a bunch of wooden platforms here that lead to the vista.  Once you reach the vista, there will be a veteran earth elemental.  It will fight you, then at about 50% hp it will disappear and spawn 4 minions.  Kill the minions, and it will spawn again still injured and you finish it.  There is also a splendid chest here shaped like a barrel.

Waypoint north of Tribulation Rift: follow the frozen river NW into the cave and there's the waypoint.  This is also the waypoint for an instance.

Rich Iron Vein:  Easternmost point in Kolkorensburg, guarded by a veteran cave spider.

Rich Iron Vein: Just inside the SW tunnel branch of Ratatosk, coming from the north entrance.

Dynamic event "Drive the dredge out of Fridgardr Lodge": A walled fort surrounded by dredge.  Kill the dredge near one of the gates and then either bash down the gate yourself or use an item from the NPC to destroy it.  Kill dredge to lower the general morale and kill the commander to complete the event.

Dynamic event "Help Edmund find and kill the arctodus" (2,975 xp, 225 karma, 1.11 silver for GOLD): Super easy event that you can do solo if need be, and should definitely participate in whenever you get a chance.  Edmund's camp is east of Nakrojos Pass in the SE section of the map.  Talk to him and he will talk about going to get a rug, and he ventures off to find a veteran arctodus.  You fight a handful of arctoduses along the way, but nothing some good AOE and maybe an elite skill won't solve.  He will then head home, which has no spawns, so unless you managed to skip some mobs you can just leave at this point.  After you finish the event you buy the recipe "Arctodus Amulet" from him.

Dynamic event "Escort Engineer Rytalt back to the Gray Citadel": Triggered by going into the Dociu Excavation cave which has the engineer locked in a cage.  The cage is the middle route, directly south of the "x" in Excavation.  You escort him north to the fort at Spearhead Bane.

Dynamic event "Prevent the dredge from capturing the skritt cave" (2,289 xp, 202 karma, 1.0 silver for GOLD): Easy dynamic event in Dissun's Mine.  Dredge will spawn from a couple places and head towards the center.  They spawn in packs of 4 from an APC, or packs of 3 if you kill the APC.  Molotov cocktails are on the ground to form fire walls to help you out if necessary, but honestly 1 person with a decent aoe could probably do this event.

"Though this tomb's been disturbed, an ancient magic seals the keyhole.  Check back later.":  Somebody has recently opened this tomb and it just closed.  Wait a little while for it to reset and then try opening it.

"What is a Dwarven Key?": This drops off of Sons of Svarnir and dredge in Dredgehaunt Cliffs only.  It opens one of several tombs, all of which spawn a veteran/champion mob and have a chest inside (and two of which have a POI as well.  After you leave this area you can toss the keys.

100% Map Completion:
6820 xp, 30.2 silver

I also got a Black Lion Key and two level 46 yellow (rare) items.

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